The Legendary White Dog Goes to Hollywood

“I’ll never forget the time,” said Morgan, as he rolled up his sleeve to keep his cuffs from getting dirty, “the time that the Legendary White Dog took a bite our of his leg when they were filming Witness in South Philly in 1984.”

“Who’s leg?” queried Amanda, as she bent to sift out of the sand an object that had caught her eye.

“What?” said Morgan.

“Who’s leg did the dog bite?”

“Harrison Ford’s…”

“Harry who?”

“Not Hary. Harrison. Harrison Ford… You know, Indiana Jones, Han Solo. Force Ten from Navarone, the guy in the San Francisco Kid with Gene Wilder. He was playing real tough with this bad guy in front of a bar in South Philly… The dog just walked up to him and bit him on the leg… It was really funny… The director said at the time that he was going to use it in the film, but of course he never did… We all went down  to the movies when it opened… We thought the dog was going to be in it… They were shooting on that corner for two days and the scene in the movie lasted only about fifteen seconds… We all said that the dog should have been in it… I was afraid, even that they would shoot the whole over again back in the studio with a real stunt dog but they didn’t even do that… I remember it all so clearly because they even brought their own trash to have strewn around the streets.”

“What do you think it is?” said Amanda tossing the object to Morgan. “I found it in the sand.”

“OUCH!!” said Morgan as the object, which weighed about five pounds, hit him on the left side of his head. Then, he looked up at Amanda, “You never—ever—listen to anything that I have to say. Am I that uninteresting?”

“No, Morgan. In fact I find you quite fascinating.”

“Then, what was I talking about just now?” Morgan hissed slightly as he picked up the silver belt buckle with the large turquoise stone in the center that Amanda had thrown at him.

“You were talking about how the Legendary White Dog took a bite out of Gene Wilder because he was throwing trash all over Philadelphia.”

“Yes,” sighed Morgan, “I guess that was all that was important.”

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