Untitled Legendary White Dog Story

SIG - Legendary White Dog AccentMorgan really loved it when it would rain. He enjoyed feeling the large drops of water that came crashing down on his back and he couldn’t help being refreshed as he wiped the water out of his eyes and ran his wet fingers through his wet hair. But most of all, he got immense pleasure from knowing that at the same time, Amanda and the dog felt miserable. They were spirits of the sunshine, happy-go-lucky, care-free, and the rain was just too alien for them and never seemed to fit in with their plans. Morgan, however was a man of the earth, digging his pit, and always thinking of greater things. To him, the rain was a small reward for his labors, a taste of the great reward that he knew someday would be his.

“Hand me that towel,” Amanda said leaning over, trying to see Morgan as she wiped the water out of her eyes, “I’d like to dry myself off.”

Morgan said,”What’s the point? It’s still raining. You are merely going to continue to get wet.”

“I just asked you a simple favor,” she returned, “Are you going to throw me your towel or not?”

“No. It’s pointless.”

“Do you mean that it’s pointless for you to throw me the towel or that it’s pointless for me to dry myself off?”

“Both, I guess.”

The dog, hearing all this, just shook himself trying to show Amanda the simplest way to dry off and curled up under a rock.

“I’ll kill the both of you!!” Amanda screamed as she ran off, wet and muddy, into the mist.