Magic Bullet will be published on a basis, and will present the best (i.e. whatever we can get) of Philadelphia’s Art & Literature.

Anyone desiring to submit Art & Literature is encouraged to do so, by sending it to: [postal address no longer in service]

Originals will not be returned or paid for except by express written notarized prior consent. Please type Literature if at all possible.

Another thing: It is the intention of Magic Bullet to avoid the mire of repetitious and tedious cliches of xerox journalism. The knee-jerk “fashionable” cynicism, psuedohip jiveness, and narcissistic blase-ness that seems to appeal to so many xeromag perpetrators will not necessarily be representative of Magic Bullet’s, uh, oeuvre. It appears that the idea some folks have is to SEE HOW FAR WE CAN GO and, well, how far can you go? You can eviscerate yourself and xerox the result, that’s how far you can go. This would seem a bit uninspired and I’m not convince it really entertains.

Magic Bullet will emphasize humor, or more to the point, fun. With a Capital K.