The Threat of Rain

Hello empty page. Hello empty mind. Hello empty bedroom, Hello empty time. Hello on the inside, how are you today? I fear I hear an echo, have you gone away?

Hello Mister Grandeur, Hello Mister Plain. Hello Mister Please-Don’t-Touch, who is there to blame? Hello Mister Icicle, Hello Mister Heat, Hello Mrs. Wonderful, would you like a seat?

Hello Mister Near-at-Hand, Hello Mister Far. Hello Mister Need-a-lift? No, I have a car. Breathe in, breathe out, Mister Air. Sit down, stand up, where’s my chair? Lost the words, kept the beat, sang the song, quite a feat. Ate the food, felt no woe, bumped a rock, stubbed a toe. Tried to stand, but fell to a knee, grabbed the nearest sturdy tree. With its help I stood up straight, looked at my watch, found I was late. Limped along the same old path, found a pool and took a bath. The water felt cold, I shook it off, but when I got out, I’d caught a cough. I limped on further, steady pace, as if I knew I was running a race. But with the toe, and the constant hack, first place, second place I did lack.

But wait, not far, I see a line. I run right to it, I find it’s a sign. I crawl on further, scraping my hands, look at my fingers, they’re buried in sand. I look in the distance, around the next bend, see the real finish, so strengthen and mend. My hands become free, I stand on ten toes, I pass by the finish. No one cares. No one knows.

I walk to the locker, shower then shave, walk with the street signs, head to my cave. No power is burning, I turn on a light, look in the mirror, cringe at the sight. Then deep in the mirror, an image appears, it’s distant and fading, it doesn’t seem near. It stands far behind me, tearing the wall, clawing for sunshine, seeking it all. I stare at the shadow, at work with a pace. It keeps digging deeper, as if being chased. The job takes a while, but reaches its end. The image goes no where, the wall doesn’t mend. I turn around quickly, feeling a breeze, seeing no sunshine, I breathe out with ease.

The room is still empty, the quiet remains, I walk to the window, my wrists hold no chains. The clock ticks once, a distant bell rings, I look out the window, a bird sits and sings. I lean out to listen, the wall touches skin. My fingers touch something that had never been. I look at it, study it, decide it’s a crack, can’t find an answer, so jump in the sack.

Morning brings sunshine, also a chill, a fresh brew of coffee, the air remains still.