Morgan’s Folly

SIG - Legendary White Dog Accent“It really doesn’t matter if we waste our lives in worthless pursuits,” said Morgan as he continued to dig even deeper. “I think that the important thing is that we pursue something.”

The Legendary White Dog turned around to look in the hole. It was about nine or ten feet deep at this point. He wanted to say something to Morgan… something about how could anybody take a statement like that seriously, especially coming from a man that’s spent who knows how long digging a hole in the middle of the desert. But, he couldn’t think of just the right way to say it, so he just looked at Morgan for a while, then turned back around and nuzzled Amanda’s crotch.

Amanda pushed him gently out of the way and climbed down into the pit with Morgan. “Just what do you hope to find?” she said with just the barest of impatience in her voice.

“Who knows,” said Morgan, “…the lost continent of Atlantis, buried treasure, uranium, oil, a huge vein of silver, or even a tourist trap. There has to be something down here. I’ve spent too much time on this project for it to turn out to be just another hole. And even if I find out that there’s nothing in here that’s of any actual monetary value, this pit will be a monument to me. People will come here, to this spot, and talk about Morgan’s Folly. They will speak of me with a sort of awe and respect. They will not understand what drove me on and on, but they will be impressed none the less with my dedication and drive. I may not be remembered for something great, but at least I will be remembered.”

Amanda did not hear the last part of Morgan’s little speech. She started up the ladder somewhere around “tourist trap”, and had followed the dog far into the mountains before Morgan even realized that he was alone.