We Are Delicious

mb2-1 We Are Delicious Accent Art

Today, brothers and sisters, I want to talk to you about your future. “Happiness is intestinal,” sayeth the Lord. Follow along with me, please, as I read from the Book of George, Chapter 12, Verse 13:

“And lo, the day shall come when the Lords
of the Universe shall gather to feast upon mankind.
And there shall be great celebration. They shall
eat us and we shall make them strong.”

Brothers and sisters, let me repeat that, please.

“They shall eat us and we shall make them
strong. They shall come in the night and the
feast shall begin.”

Brothers and sisters we are the fruits and vegetables of a more advanced culture. God will be their host! You will pray. And God will pass the salt! Brothers and sisters, we are delicious.

I would like to talk to you tonight about your future, but first, will everyone please rise—everyone please rise—and sing with the choir, please.

Jesus loves me, I knew he would
For the Bible says we should
Appetizer or entree
We’re all fast food come Judgement Day
Yes, Jesus loves me
Oh, how he loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
I’m finger-lickin’ good.