70’s Nostalgia

Get in on the Ground Floor!

In the interest of posterity, I am composing a list of those articles and institutions which stand as cornerstones of the 1970s. That not-too-long-past era has, of late, suffered fatal blows; and now that she is trampled underfoot, we would hope to put forward some remembrances to serve as documents that she was not just a flighty dream, that she was as real as your or I.

My list, I’m afraid, will be limited in its comprehensiveness to those items within the range of perception of one who was a mere tyke, a mere knee-high at the dawn of the decade in question. But being of sound judgement and a quick-wit, we hope to rise to the occasion and prophesy well the difference of a ’70s thing from a ’60s thing or an ’80s thing. Please do not confuse or even think to compare the author’s treatment of the topic with that of a certain Playboy magazine, a sham composed by lonesome cowboys. Enough of that, folks; here commences your list of ’70s memorabilia:

  1. Cream Rinse and Conditioner
  2. Television commercials with talking and dancing animals
  3. The Loud family
  4. Unisex Hair Salons (much ado about hair in the ’70s)
  5. Shopping Malls
  6. The song “Afternoon Delight”
  7. Partial nudity in advertising (as opposed to ’80s sexual symbolism)
  8. News on the radio like: “Such and such a group of psychologists has discovered that arguing is actually good for a relationship.”
  9. Talking to your plants.

Send your suggestions to:
R.S. Drew
[address no longer active]

Please do not submit anything too obvious like The Exorcist or the song “Run, Joey, Run.”