Earth Mother Tells the Sad Tale of Marriage for Money

(Dark glasses in place? Good, let’s begin…)

mb2-3 Earth Mother accentIt was a cool and breezy afternoon when he breezed in through the open door. He appeared cool and open to all who peered at him. When he spoke, however, there was a slight chill in his voice. A coolness which bespoke of an anxiety-ridden past. Anxiously, the hotel manager tried to fill his every need. He did not want to try the man’s patience. As though noticing this, the man patiently waited the elevator’s arrival on the ground floor. Just then, a beautiful rich female arrived. She was richly attired in designer clothes. Instantly the man, though tired, had designs on her ample funds. She was an ample woman with big boobs. The elevator operator, however turned out to be a bigger boob as he could not get the elevator in motion. There was a motion by the hotel staff, however, which declared the author to be the biggest boob in all known history. Or, did they say that she had the biggest boobs in history? Ah, well, that I’m afraid will remain a mystery.