Rebel Geeds in the Rhododendrons

Ma come quick there’s a quote from Flaubert squirting
out of a magic marker all across the horizon
And twin red cabooses with a man standing with a feet on each one
And eight tiny reindeer
And a cabbage patch kid
And a flag and potatoes and a limestone facade
That says He who know is them that grow old you know that’s how it go

Me said, John don’t you touch that dial
We’re low on eggs a’ready and the pigs came out to play
A game of touch football and they’re using
My earring with the diamond for a first-down marker

This has to be the place because if you look
There’s nothing there except a greyish tiny time pill
And a picture of lizards reading Gray’s anatomy
Round a late-night fireplace piled high with microphones
Used by Edward R. Murrow in his salad days
When he was just a little shaver trying hard to undercover
His malignant capital gains.