Darkest Hour

It was in the darkest hour
And upon the darkest eve
That I heard a maiden weeping
And I saw a maiden grieve

For the life of her lover
Had left him without warning
And she lingered there beside him
Softly sobbing til the morning

And when at last the sun arose
And cast its golden hue
In silence I drew near her
And whispered, “My love is true”

But the maiden neither moved nor spoke
As if she had not heard at all
Again I offered my words of love
And for her answer I did call

But no response did I receive
Just her breathing soft and low
As if not to awaken a sleeping child
It was then I turned to go

When a sudden fear swept o’er my mind
No! This thing could never be
As I gazed upon her lover’s corpse
And the one embraced was me

– Burnell Yow!

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