Ste. Joan of Arc’s Night Out

(Joan of Arc)


King Charles wore his yellow suit.
You should have seen the dress Queen Isabel
was in. You talk about your putting on for
foreign dignitaries.

I’ve always wanted Faust to take me there.

Well, anyway, I slew the English army. I wore
my helmet with the little tassels, you know,
the one with the rusted visor, and then
I caught my banner on my broadsword.
I had to buy a brand-new flag. I mean I never.
Was I embarrassed!

You didn’t see Prince What’s-his-name?
You know, the one with those
lovely knee-socks?

You mean Duke Gloster? He’s English.

No, no. I’m sure he’s French. He parts
his hair like Luther does.

You don’t mean Raymond?

That’s him!

He was my boyfriend. I can’t see
how you thought he was a prince.

Well, anyway, I love his stockings.

The yellow ones? They ARE nice.

(to Joan) Eggscuze me, Madame. Have not I seen you face before,
perhaps some centuries in Franz?

I slew the English army saving France, that’s right.

Ah, qui. I waz young rookie with da Fransh der.
We play good war when Joan waz in.

Eggscuze me, Madame, you would not know ze valiant Joan?

I am that Joan of Arc who succored France in time of need!

(Bossy and Potvin fall prostrate, bless themselves)
Da very Joan!

O succor us!

mb3-1 St. Joan Accent