Richard Dawson: A hundred people were surveyed, the top five answers are on the board. Name a type of establishment usually found in the ghetto.

Daddy: Welfare offices. BZZZZZZZ

Mommy: Police stations. BZZZZZZZ

Richard Dawson: Second strike. You have one left.

Sis: Cheeba joints! DING

Richard Dawson: Number two answer!

Grandma: Ice cream parlors. BZZZZZZZ

Richard Dawson: Third strike. Let’s see what’s up on the board. Number five? DING

Audience: Bars!

Richard Dawson: Number four? DING

Audience: Numbers joints!

Richard Dawson: Number three? DING

Audience: Storefront churches!

Richard Dawson: Number one answer? DING

Audience: McDonalds!

mb3-2 Robert Drew accent