Dante in Paradise

St. Peter: So your name’s Dante, is it?

Dante: Yeah, that’s right.

St. Peter: That’ll be ten thousand lire for the night.

Dante: Ten thousand?

St. Peter: He, Look. God runs a clean hotel. You don’t have cherubim leanin’ out the windows, you don’t have roaches crawlin’ on the walls.

Dante: All right.

St. Peter: A good time is what you get. Hey!

Dante: Hm?

mb3-1 Beatrice substitute accentSt. Peter: We have this dame here, Beatrice. Why don’t you give this one a shot? Blue eyes, yellow hair—you poets like them, eh?

Dante: Beatrice…

St. Peter: Room 777.

Dante: That’s on the Seventh Floor?

St. Peter: Just ask for Rolf. Madame?! — a customer is waiting.

Madame: Hello.