mb3-4 Gebhart header

by Walt Gebhart

mb3-4 Gebhart accent 1The old Black Ford
Weighs a ton-and-a-half.
G78-by15s on the front.
L78-by-15s on the rear.
351 cubic inch
Windsor V-8.
Carries a payload of
About a ton.

When she’s stuck behind
A row of Joe-go-slow’s on a
Country road just hive her
A clear oncoming lane.
She’ll hit passing gear
And kick all their asses.

mb3-4 Gebhart accent 2She has two little ignition points
No bigger than shirt buttons.
They’re .005 inches apart.
All that tonnage
All that ass-kicking
Is worthless unless those
Two points work right.

Funny how human a car can be.
Little things keep them going, too.